Once you have created your team account, you will need to select the subscription plan to best suit your team. Our team plans vary in price depending on the number of users on your team that require access to the platform.

To start with click 'Team' at the top of the dashboard, followed by 'Team Members'.

This will open your Team Management page where you can manage your users that have access to the platform under the firms FCA number. (see other page...)

To see the team plans available to you select  'Please select a subscription plan'.

We have three team plan's available depending on the size of your team. They are:

  • Team 5 (for up to 5 users) £50 + VAT per month. 

  • Team 10 (for between 6 to 10 users) £75 + VAT per month. 

  • Enterprise 20, 30, 40, etc (for teams that require 11 or more licences) Starting from £140 + VAT per month.

If you require a Team 5 or Team 10 click on the 'Get started' button under your chosen plan. If you require more than 10 licences please call us on 01394 330840 so we can set this up for you.

Important Note.
Your team might have more members than you wish to obtain a licence for. For example, you might have 7 members on the team but only wish to take 5 licenses. This is fine you will just need to allocate the 5 licenses and the remaining users will remain on the free plan. This is useful for team admins who do not need access to the platform.

Once you have selected your team plan, you will be taken through to the next screen to enter your direct debit details for the monthly payment.

'Click to Setup Direct Debit' and follow the instructions by entering the bank account details. The direct debit will be taken monthly from the start date of the plan.  

Once you have set up the direct debit you should receive an email confirmation and you are now ready to distribute your licences to your team members.

You can also upgrade or downgrade at any time.

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